Wootini est. in 2003 is an art gallery showcasing works in the Pop Pluralism movement and art items derived from works such as Designer Vinyl Figures. We also occasionally create our own limited 3D vinyl figures. Come visit our brick-and-mortar store.

30th November 2009



Artist Name: David Lanham

Tell me about your background. Where you’re from, where you grew up, what interested you as a kid.I’m originally from Orange Park, Florida where I was born. Growing up, I was really fortunate to have some amazing art teachers both in my family and around town. I lived in Orange Park until I headed to college to study drawing and design at the University of Central Florida, and graduated in 2004. After graduating I was offered a job in Greensboro with the Iconfactory and since then I’ve been making all sorts of icons for all sorts of software while keeping up with my personal work in the off time.

How long have you been an artist? I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I first started selling artwork about 4 years ago when I began offering prints on my website. So my professional history is just getting starting.

Was there one defining moment that made you choose art as a profession and life style, or did it happen over time as the sum of many smaller moments – or in a completely different way? When I was younger I was very interested in natural science and also computers, but art has always stood at the forefront of what I really find satisfying. My other interests have always stayed there though and continue to influence what I draw.

What has been your biggest influence in the art world (ANY type of art)? Where do you find inspiration for both your work?Classical artwork anywhere from the 1500s through the 1700s has always been really inspiring to me. I grew up staring at tiny prints in the encyclopedias at home or checking out any books I could find from the local library. Aside from other people’s artwork, just going out into nature is always inspirational, there’s always something new to find, even on a path you’ve been on many times before. 

What mediums do you prefer to work in?I really enjoy pen and ink for drawing and gouache for painting. Lately I’ve been combining the two and I’m quite enjoying the results of experimenting with them together.

Do you have a routine or process that you like to work through?My process is fairly standard, I normally start out with sketches and roughs and then redraw larger once the composition is worked out. Although sometimes I just freehand draw on large canvas or paper and see what happens as well. I always enjoy it when things are a bit unexpected. 

Is there a particular piece of art that you are most proud of? (In other words, do you have a favorite?)I have a few drawings and paintings around my office at home that I’ll be hard pressed to be separated from, but it’s hard not to fall in love a little bit with everything you create.

When you are not working on your art, what are you doing?If I’m not drawing or painting, you could find me out hiking with my wife, doing a bit of video gaming or just hanging out.

Have you shown your art in any shows or galleries previously?Not unless the local fair growing up counts, this will be my first physical gallery showing. I’ve had all my digital and traditional artwork on display at my website for many years, but it’s always more satisfying to see art in person so I’m really looking forward to the show.

What would you say to someone who is new to your art? What would you say to someone who is familiar with your art?I’d say about the same thing, “Just have fun and enjoy it”. I’ve put my thoughts and memories into creating it, but I enjoy leaving things a bit open-ended so the viewer can give it a story of their own and make it partially their work as well.

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